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Who was Dr. Clark

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The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


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Diseases And Protocols

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All cancer and other severe cases have starving white blood cells (WBCs). They must be fed. Dr. Clark found that that three supplements taken together feed and reactivate our white blood cells (WBCs) - our immune system - so that, like pacman, they start eating the toxins in our bodies .

The three supplements are:

    A teaspoon of coarsely ground rose hips, seeds included, supplies the vitamin C power of 2000 mg.
    This is because the effectiveness of a natural substance does not just depend on an "active ingredient". There are extra factors involved, making the whole food more effective.
    A teaspoon of hydrangea root or raw nuts or safe peanut butter supplies the organic germanium.
    DO NOT USE if you have a chronic cough or cold you cannot get rid of.
    A large Brazil nut, freshly cracked, brings 50 mcg of organic selenium, but can replace a dose of pure sodium selenite of 1000 mcg.

Selenium is considered toxic if taken in excess.   Dr. Clark gave high doses of selenium to her cancer patients. According to her research, the amount prescribed by her did not reach the threshold of toxicity.

Dr. Clark noticed that after ten minutes of being fed, the Syncrometer® detects that they are cleaning themselves out of their own bacteria and viruses, which they were not able to do previously.

Dr. Clark’s dosage for cancer patients:

  • Selenium (200mcg): 3 caps 5 times a day
  • Hydrangea root (335 mg): 2 caps 5 times a day
  • Rose hips caps (440mg): 2 cap 5 times a day

These taken together feed your White blood cells. Take this dosage for 2 weeks, then reduce to half. After the 3rd week , at half dosage, cut it in half again, so you are on about ¼ of the starting dosages.

If you are not a severe case, you might want to take a lower dosage such as ¼ of the above-mentioned starting dosages, i.e.

  • Selenium (200mcg) : 1-2 caps a day
  • Hydrangea root (335mg): 2 caps a day
  • Rose hips caps (440mg): 2 caps a day

Different white blood cells are given different jobs to do. They are very organized in their one real task-to protect you. With the Syncrometer® Dr. Clark distinguished ten kinds of white blood cells. They are CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes, CD37 B cells, CD14 macrophages, and six more varieties that eat dyes and motor oil. The CD4s eat and kill viruses. The CD8s include our natural killers. They are even seen killing CD4s when these are not able to kill the viruses they have eaten. The CD 14s eat everything, except you. Both CD8s and CD 14s are flesh eaters; only these can eat tumor cells and large parasite pieces. Fast Green dye concentrates in our CD8 natural killer cells and is seen in every USA cancer patient. The cells remain quite alive after this, in increased numbers, but not able to kill anything.

Besides the 3 supplements for our WBCs you can also add homeography to strengthen and reactivate your WBCs:

  • Take drops of CD 14s and CD8s
  • Make NICKEL-out-of-CD8s and NICKEL-out-of-CD14s
  • Make FAST GREEN-out-of-CD8s and FAST GARNET-out-of-CD4s

L-G (glutamic acid and lysine)

L-G is found normally present in at least ten kinds of white blood cells including lymphocytes, neutrophils, and even eosinophils. The CD4s and CD8s normally kill viruses but without L-G they do not. All CD4s and other white blood cells that do not have L-G present, have mercury and/or thallium stuck inside them. This is coming from amalgam deposits, located in very many places in the body. You have been robbed of your natural L-G making ability. Taking L-G as made in the recipe below, helps the CD4s and others to expel their mercury and thallium. Now they can kill viruses again and get your body well.

L-G Recipe

  • 1 tsp. L-glutamic acid powder (not glutamine)
  • 1 tsp. L-lysine powder (you may open capsules)
  • 1 1/3 cups water

Heat ingredients together, covered, till completely dissolved; it will be near boiling. Use a stainless steel pan and stirring spoon. If it develops a white crystalline precipitate at the bottom, it must be reheated to get it redissolved. Add enough water to keep it dissolved. Since it has no preservatives, you must reheat it to near boiling every fourth day to kill any growing bacteria.

Dose: take 1 teaspoon 4 times daily (or 2 tsp. twice a day). Take on an empty stomach, such as before meals. There are no side-effects. For viral conditions it is higher: one tablespoon (not tsp. ) 4 times daily (2 times daily if less ill). The regular dose is 1 tsp. 4 times daily.

Taking repeated doses of L-G can clean up the white blood cells repeatedly but this is only permanent after amalgam has been removed from the whole body. Nevertheless, this can be accomplished in about six weeks, provided there are no amalgam filled teeth still in your mouth.

As soon as L-G returns to the CD4s they manufacture interleukin 2 again, another important immune chemical. When the CD8s get their L-G they begin killing vagrant tissue bits, tumor cells, and virus filled cells. And life is back to normal.

L-A (lysine-aspartic acid):
is present in all our white blood cells. It specifically helps them remove copper, cobalt, vanadium, toxic germanium, toxic selenium, toxic chromate and nickel. This set of metals is our “natural” set; those brought in by bacteria or fungus, as opposed to unnatural ones brought in by amalgam, body products, etc.

L-A Recipe:

  • 1 tsp. L-aspartic acid
  • 1 tsp. L-lysine powder
  • 1 1/3 cups water


(From the book: "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers"; Copyright )

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