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 (Extracts from the Cure for all Cancers; The Cure for all Diseases;  The Prevention of all Cancers)

Aflatoxin is the most common mycotoxin produced by molds. Although molds are alive and can be killed by zapping, mycotoxins are not and must be detoxified by the liver.

Aflatoxin is a very toxic  and poisonous chemical that kills portions of the liver.  After a hefty dose of Aflatoxin the liver is weakened for a long time— possibly years. Hepatitis and cirrhosiscases always reveal afla­toxin.

Aflatoxin blocks detoxification of hemoglobin so that bilirubin goes up. The bilirubin oxidase enzyme is missing and this is how jaundice sets in.

Aflatoxin is being produced locally in the liver because aspergillus and penicillium molds are growing in it. It does not come principally from foods, even though moldy grains contribute. These 2 molds are there because they have found dead parasites where you may have recently killed them. They are devouring them.


  • Take-out drops  aflatoxin-out-of-all-liver parts
  • Take-out drops bilirubin-out-of-blood and all liver parts
  • Take-out drops copper, cobalt, chromium and nickel out of all liver parts
  • Take-out drops dyes out of all liver parts
  • Or intravenous therapy with EDTA, B complex, laetrile and vitamin C chelation therapy
  • Aflatoxin frequencies: KHz  177, 188
  • Aspergillus, mycelium frequencies: KHz 75-301
  • Penicillum, mycelium frequencies: KHz 48-409
  • Take vitamin C to detox aflatoxin on grains
  • Take digestive enzymes


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