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Who was Dr. Clark

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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


Learn how to remove metals, solvents and toxins from your body, environment, and food.


All about the powerful effects of the cleanses, developed by Dr. Hulda Clark

Diseases And Protocols
Diseases And Protocols

Read excerpts from the books of Dr. Hulda Clark
about diseases such as cancer, HIV, etc.

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1. (laundry bleach) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water.

2. (water softener) Disconnect; replace pipes and/or water heater.

3.  (motor oil) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water.

4. (wheel bearing grease) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water. Remove from critical organs and their WBCs with homeography. Remove systemically with DMSO.

5. (asbestos) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water. Asbestos alone can be filtered out with homemade filter. If in dust, change dryer belt, remove gym equipment with treadmill belts, stop use of hair blow¬dryers. If in food do 2 hot water washes.

6. (mixed heavy metals) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water. If using NSF water, also purchase metal-free (tested), distilled water and pitcher filter with tested activated charcoal. Test final drinking water for strontium, aluminum, hypochlorite. Do dental clean up, removing metal, followed by zappicating entire mouth. Replace all cookware, utensils, food containers with varieties that do not seep heavy metals using a conductivity indicator. Test all plastic, enamelware, paper ware, Styrofoam, glass, ceramics, Teflon, and metal food containers. Take only tested supplements and medicines. Test to find safe brands. Harden toothbrushes, dentures, filter pitcher, cutlery by placing in steaming hot water for 30 min. Retest or repeat twice.

7. (mixed azo dyes) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water. Double hot wash produce. Ozonate meats & dairy products 10 minutes. Purchase free-range, organic whole turkey, lamb, beef, tested for dyes. Avoid chicken, fish, seafood. Replace seeping cookware. Zappicate plastic teeth. Harden dentures, toothbrushes. Avoid colored foods, pills. Test body products for dyes.

8. (malonic acid set) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water. Replace cookware with safe varieties. Avoid foods that cannot be washed enough (sprayed potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes) or tested.

9., 10. (wrong polarization) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water. Remove all nickel in food, cookware and dentalware.

11. (mercury, thallium) Extract amalgam filled teeth. Replace cooking pots, supplements, drugs with safe varieties. Stop using paper goods inside the body.

12. (gold) Extract metal containing teeth, zappicate mouth later. Replace jewelry with non metal varieties.

13. (uranium) Remove water softener.

14. (copper) Replace water pipes with PVC; do metal clean up as in 6.

15. (cobalt) Avoid dish detergent; remove metals as in 6.

16. (chromium III & VI) Avoid finely ground foods, supplements, herbs (choose cut and sifted variety); remove metals as in 6. Test for staph, streps, Yeast, SV 40.

17. (germanium, strontium) Avoid chlorinated drinking water or boil for I full minute in safe stainless steel pot. Test again. Avoid strontium by choosing different distilled water, repairing water filter pitcher, stop eating honey, corn, cornstarch-containing pills, dextrose in IV therapy.

18. (vanadium) Do metal clean up as in 6. Check for leaking or stored fossil fuel. Switch to all-electric utilities. Zappicate plastic teeth.

19. (selenium) Switch to safe varieties. Metallic form is toxic.

20. (nickel) Do metal clean up as in 6. Extract metal¬repaired teeth, remove metal jewelry. Avoid finely ground powders as in herbs, nut butters, blender-prepared foods. Avoid untested food processors, graters and grinders. Avoid untested food, supplements.

21. (aluminum) Filter water through Syncrometer®¬tested activated charcoal in pitcher filter. Avoid aluminum in food preparation, cookware, body products.

22. (lead) Replace copper pipes with PVC. Replace supplements, drugs with tested varieties.

23. (bromine)Avoid commercial breads. Find bromine¬free varieties of flour, cereals, spices.

24. (cadmium) Do metal clean up as in 6. Change galvanized pipes to PVC. Avoid untested supplements, drugs, cookware.

25. (thulium) Avoid reverse osmosis water filters, supplements prepared with such water, unless tested by Syncrometer°.

26. (formaldehyde) If Positive in house dust, remove new furniture, foam bedding, excess paneling, unwashed suits from bedroom closet, newspapers.

27. (arsenic, ruthenium) Steam clean carpets, furniture, drapes without commercial treatments. Remove pesticides from house. Replace wallpaper. Avoid ruthenium by choosing different distilled water, boiling any new or used charcoal filter in a large volume of tap water for 5 minutes.

28. (methanol) Avoid commercial beverages, teas, bottled water, baby food, medicines unless tested.

29. (benzene) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater or well water. Avoid processed foods, bottled water (unless tested), beverages. Double hot wash produce. Test all supplements, medicines, water filters.

30. (PCBs) Switch to NSF-bleach water, rainwater, well water. Use no filters or distillers unless tested. Avoid commercial body products. Double hot wash produce. Sonicate baby supplies, dental supplies.

31. (hypochlorite) Boil water (NSF-quality) 1 minute in tested stainless steel pan or ozonate 15 minutes. Test again.

32. (ferritin) Switch to asbestos-free water. Remove asbestos-containing treadmill belts, dryer belts, hair dryers. Double hot wash produce.

33. (Flu) Switch to NSF-bleach water or rainwater or well water to eliminate 5 immunity destroyers. Search for combinations of Flu with oncoviruses and with hypothalamus and pituitary cells. Stop organ erosions.

34. (prion) If feeling sick, dizzy, disoriented, search for dyes, heavy metals (gold) at WBCs, saliva, water (see 6., 7.). Search at saliva for food antigen causing PGE2 triggering of prion.

35. (mumps) Avoid dairy products in diet except butter and heavy whipping cream. Starve and kill Ascaris.

36., 37., 38. (Salmonella ent., para, typhi.) Sterilize food by cooking, ozonating. Rinse raw food in Lugol's iodine solution. Use HCl drops and citric acid with meals. Eliminate dyes; do metal cleanup as in 6. Remove gold, molybdenum, ruthenium from food and water. Boil carbon filter in tap water.

39., 40. (Shigella) Sterilize food by cooking, ozonating, and using hydrochloric acid drops. Rinse raw food in Lugol's water. Search food, supplements for manganese.

41. (Staph aur) Avoid soaps, lotions, body products; filter aluminum out of water with filter pitcher. Avoid oils in diet. Avoid chromium metal pollution from cookware, supplements, water, food.

42., 43. (Strep pneu & Strep G) Remove chromium and strontium from food, water, cookware and dishes. Avoid finely ground foods and supplements. Avoid benzene in food and water. Do metal clean up as in 6. Starve and kill Ascaris.

44., 45., 46. (Aspergillus fungus, Penicillium fungus, aflatoxin) Do metal clean up as in 6. If bilirubin oxidase is Negative, search for aflatoxin, Sudan Black dye.

47. (E. coli) Do metal clean up as in 6. Filter distilled water, after boiling charcoal. Stop eating triggers for oncoviruses found. Remove fossil fuel from home. See #18. Search food, supplements for nickel, chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, manganese.

48. (formic acid) Avoid benzene in water, food, products, supplements, drugs, also formaldehyde, methanol which lead to formic acid. Switch to NSF-bleach water.

49. (MYC) Avoid chicken and eggs in diet in USA. Stop F. buski parasitism. Stop milk in diet (to stop mumps).

50. (SRC) Avoid all cooking oils. Test meats for linolenic acid. Switch to free-range, organic meats. Stop potatoes in diet.

51. (JUN) Avoid oils in diet. Stop cinnamon and corn in diet.

52., 53. (FOS, FOS/JUN) Avoid milk. Add lactase enzyme to whipping cream. Avoid oleic acid (olive oil). Avoid coumarin (clover honey, vanilla, fragrant rice).

54. (NEU) Give away household pets. Avoid quercitin (squash & pumpkin, unless very well cooked) and d-
carnitine (all meats, except free-range, organic). Test meat for bleach variety before purchasing. Avoid linolenic oil.

55. (RAS) Avoid live yeast in diet. Avoid commercial breadstuffs. Use bread maker. Ozonate all food to destroy asparagine. Clean up heavy metals as in 6.

56. (SV 40) Avoid gallic acid in food (commercial breadstuff, grains, and cooking oils). Use Food Table for help. Avoid limonene (lemons, pineapple, etc.). Stop triggering oncoviruses found. Stop providing heavy metals to bacteria found. Starve and kill Eurytrema.

57. (CMV) Avoid lauric acid (and lard) in food. Do metal clean up as in 6., particularly strontium.

58. (EBV) Avoid linolenic acid oils in diet. Do metal clean up as in 6., particularly aluminum.

59. (Hepatitis B) Avoid oats and umbelliferone (carrot) in diet; see Food Table. Stop Clonorchis parasitism and Clostridium invasion.

60. (Adenovirus) Avoid myristic acid (oil) in diet. Starve and kill Ascaris.

61. (hemoglobin) Test all food and water for benzene, menadione, coumarin, ASA. Test cookware, dentalware, supplements and food for malonic acid set. Also test for heavy metals, particularly chromium.

62. (complement C3) Avoid food antigens phloridzin, chlorogenic acid, gallic acid, ONION, and others found; use Food Table. Starve and kill parasites

63., 64., 65. (SCF, hypothalamus cells, chlorogenic) Stop chlorogenic acid in food. See Food Table. Starve and kill Strongyloides. Stop potatoes in diet.

66., 67., 68. (HGH, pituitary cells, phloridzin) Stop phloridzin in food, kill Clonorchis parasites, avoid oats in diet.

69. (tumor  nucleus) Remove chlorogenic acid, phloridzin, gallic acid from diet. Starve and kill parasites.

70., 71. (pancreas cells, gallic) Avoid gallic acid in food, kill pancreatic flukes. Avoid limonene in diet.

72. (OPT) Stop tumor nucleus formation. Kill parasites. Kill oncoviruses.

73. (tricalcium phosphate) Kill Ascaris; stop d¬carnitine and quercitin in foods to starve Ascaris.

74. (p53) Remove vanadium and dyes from food, water, cookware, dentalware. Avoid fossil fuels in home. See #18.

75. (isopropyl alcohol) Avoid body products, drugs, processed food. Kill Clostridium in colon, teeth, tumors. Kill F. cercaria with extra large doses of wormwood.

76. (Clostridium) Do dental clean up. Kill Clostridium in colon with betaine hydrochloride, in tumors with oregano oil and Eucalyptus tea.

77., 78. (F. buski and cercaria) Stop ONION family in diet, and cooked foods with allyl methyl sulfide. Kill F. buski with BWT* program. Kill Bacillus cereus with nutmeg (but it has myristic oil, stop after 3 days).

79. (CEA) Stop asparagine in diet by ozonating all proteins. Avoid chromium, cobalt, nickel in food, cookware, dentalware to kill yeast. Avoid CORN and linolenic acid to starve Onchocerca.

80. (Bacillus cereus) Kill F. buski. Kill Bacillus cereus. Normalize magnetic polarization by removing nickel from water, food, supplements, dentalware, cookware.

81. (HCG) Avoid ONION and allyl methylsulfide in diet. Starve and Kill F. buski.

82. (Yeast) Ozonate all foods to destroy asparagine. Do metal clean up as for _6. Avoid ground supplements and foods, blended foods.

83. (Fasciola) Avoid wheat, beef, lauric acid (lard) in diet. Kill Fasciola.

84. (Strongyloides) Avoid linolenic acid in cooking oil and foods. Avoid potatoes and lauric acid (fat).

85. (Onchocerca) Avoid corn, myristic, oleic, palmitic acid (oils). Kill Onchocerca with levamisole and BWT program.

86. (Dirofilaria) Avoid milk, dairy products, lactose, oleic acid (olive oil). Ozonate butter and whipping cream, also add lactase enzyme to both to destroy lactose. Kill heartworm with BWT program and levamisole.

87. (Paragonimus) Avoid lemons and limonene in food. Kill Paragonimus. Avoid benzene in water and food. Avoid potatoes with ring-rot fungus.

88. (Clonorchis)  Avoid oats in diet. Avoid umbelliferone (carrots, parsnips) to prevent liver disease. Kill liver flukes.

89. (Eurytrema) Avoid lemon and limonene in diet. Avoid gallic acid (in commercial breads, grains, and cooking oils).

90. (A. lumb) Avoid quercitin (squash & pumpkin) and linolenic acid (oil) in diet. Sterilize all food. Starve and kill Ascaris regularly.

91. (A. megalo) Avoid d-carnitine (all meats) in diet, except free-range, organic turkey, lamb, beef. Avoid linolenic acid (oil). Sterilize all food. Starve and kill Ascaris regularly.

92., 93., 94. (RRase, DNA, DNA polymerase) If duration is greater than I minute, search for SCF, HGH, wrong polarization. Search for nickel.

95. (fibronectin) Kill Fasciola. Avoid lauric acid (lard) in diet.

96., 97. (cadherin E, laminin) Kill Ascaris and F. buski. Sterilize all foods. Avoid d-carnitine and quercitin. Avoid linolenic acid (oil).

98. (PGE2) Kill F. buski, Bacillus cereus to prevent food allergies. Find and avoid allergenic food.

99., 100. (PS, cytochrome C) Kill the responsible parasites, bacteria, viruses for each missing item.

101. (ubiquitin) Kill Onchocerca; avoid linolenic acid.

102. (caspase-1) Kill yeast.

103. (cathepsin B) Kill Ascaris, Fasciola, Onchocerca.

104. (telomerase inhibitor 11) Kill Ascaris, Onchocerca and yeast.

105. (lipase-pancreatin) If Negative, return to #103

106.,107. (tumor cells in CD8 & CD14 WBCs) Remove sources of nickel in dentalware, jewelry, cookware, supplements, food. Do metal clean up as in 6. Remove wheel bearing grease.

BWT means the green Black Walnut hull tincture plus wormwood and cloves as in text, without substitutions or alterations.

(from: “The Prevention of all Cancers”, pages 285-293; Copyright notice)

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