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Nature Is On Our Side

Nature is always on our side, protecting us in hundreds of ways. That is why we survived in the past.

In Nature, there are dozens of radioactive elements coming up from the ground if there are uranium phosphate rocks below us. When the uranium atoms break apart, the new pieces formed are radioactive, too, but are different elements now. At the same time the uranium atoms give off radiation. One of the newly created elements is radon, a gas. Gases rise and will come to the surface. If your house is located right above some uranium rocks the gas can enter through very tiny spaces and float through your home on the dust. Each new radioactive element will break apart again and again, making more new elements and new kinds of radiation. Radon by itself breaks apart into half a dozen other radioactive elements that we breathe in quite innocently. We do need protection from them and we do get it as we shall see.

Uranium is very reactive with phosphate. That is why they are found together in phosphate rocks. But the elements called lanthanides are very reactive with phosphates too, so they are found at the same places. Many lanthanides are made right there on site as uranium breaks down, again and again. Lanthanides also come up to the surface, riding on dust and gas bubbles. We, living on the surface, are wading in a huge "soup" of radioactive elements and lanthanide elements, mixing and reacting with each other. All the other elements, not radioactive, ride around on dust particles, too, mixing with the others.

Logic also asks how a huge parasite like Fasciolopsis could get close enough to our DNA to do any harm. After all our genes are safely stowed away inside chromosomes, which are inside the walls of the nucleus.

As humans we have grown up in this cauldron of swirling, reactive elements. It seems though, that Nature has learned to avoid cancer for all its creatures even though the 2 elements that could start it for each of them are all around us, Po and Ce.

A third element, Pm (promethium), is part of the drama, and it is this element that seems to start our cancer protection amidst all the cancer production.

In a cancer victim, Po is attached to Ce, but the Ce is attached to a chemical found in bleach! It is a cyanide chemical, added to protect the pipes! The new cyanide is next attached to an alkylating agent which appears to be the waste product left by Fasciolopsis buski. It makes alkylating agents, already known for 50 years to cause abundant mutations and cancers. It excretes them because it eats them! The whole body of a cancer patient is full of Po, Ce, the cyanide compound and alkylating agents just as we all are full of nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide and other free molecules from our environment. We all make some alkylating agents, too. They have a rather strong smell, as if mustard and onions plus garlic had been mixed. Our underarm perspiration is always trying to get rid of this "skunk oil" for us. But in cancer patients there are many more ONION, GARLIC and MUSTARD oils because the parasite adds to them. In fact, there are so many right beside the Fasciolopsis stages, that the sweat produced at the skin surface smells like sulfur.

A person without cancer has plenty of Po and Ce, too, because that is our lot on Planet Earth, but these are attached to promethium instead of to cyanides and alkylating agents. The Po is attached to Ce but the Ce is not attached to an ONION, GARLIC or MUSTARD oil coming from a buski parasite. They do not attach to any alkylating agent even though we make a great deal of them by eating onions, garlic and mustard, in the belief they are "good for us". We can sweat them out, but it is a slow process. Often our bodies keep these odors (and the chemicals responsible) for a day or more.

When Po and Ce are attached to Fasciolopsis buski DNA, or to its alkylating agents we see OPT appear quite suddenly.

My interpretation of this event is that it is produced as a mutation. This has not been proved. However, Po is known as a rather potent mutation causer especially of the large kind where chromosomes are completely broken into pieces. Cerium is known as a "site directing mutagen" (we will discuss this later). And alkylating agents are well known to cause extremely mutilating mutations .

Yet Nature has protected us. We cannot get cancer from Nature…although all the ingredients to make OPT are all about us and even within us. Polonium, cerium, and alkylating agents attach to each other in random combinations, yet only one of the many different combinations is ever found in cancer patients and is never found in healthy people. It will originate in only one place as we will see.

To start a cancer requires a very special order between all these partners. That order is not possible in Nature and healthy people…because Pm stands in the way. Pm has already combined with cerium, so the alkylating agents are excluded!

(From: "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers", page 36-41; Copyright)

Background Radioactivity

There is radioactivity all around us…from outer space, from underground, from our houses, even from ourselves. It all adds up to an average amount. So when you wish to measure the radioactivity in some potting soil you must know what is "normal" for that spot first and then subtract it from the gross count. It is called "background".

The radon-family, often called "daughters", was often present in the saliva of a cancer case, but not always. In fact, polonium, the most suspect, could not be studied for lack of a pure sample. Two lanthanides were present much too often, cerium in cancer victims and promethium in healthy people. These results brought more questions than answers.

We had no idea until recently that we are surrounded by radioactive elements. Some come from bomb testing a few decades ago but many are frivolous and come from an attitude that scorns caution. The attitude is one of "finding a use" for them. And so uranium, leftover from making bombs and stockpiled for many years, was turned into dental replacements to make them sparkle and glow on x-ray film (easier to spot).

(From: "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, page 60; Copyright)

Radioactive Elements

Radioactivity was only discovered about 100 years ago, so ignorance and lack of wisdom must take its toll but the older and parental generation should do its part to protect the young. The discoverer of radium died from merely handling it a number of years. How could we be so bold as to let our children suck on it for years by putting uranium, which always turns into some radium and polonium, right in their mouths?

Radioactive elements come up from the ground under us if we are living over shallow phosphate rocks. Uranium is combined with the phosphates. Uranium keeps breaking apart into lighter and lighter elements. Uranium leads to thorium, which is thought to heat our planet from within. It also leads to radon, which is a gas and bubbles up under our houses and lakes. We must be quite careful to avoid radon because it breaks up further into radioactive lead, bismuth, thorium and polonium. Polonium does more harm than others because of its alpha radiation. Alpha can do more harm in 1 mm of travel through us than other kinds of radiation do even in many inches. The Syncrometer® has found that polonium causes all our cancers.

Polonium causes all our cancers, not just lung cancers, by starting the cancer-complex to form.

Earlier and even ancient therapists suspected "malevolent spirits" coming up from the earth in certain places to cause cancer. How right they were! They called it "the geopathic factor" and recommended moving.

As the world’s growing population squeezes its housing onto rocky lands, we get closer to the radioactivity. Tiny gas bubbles of radon work their way up through the cracks, attaching themselves to a dust particle for a tiny magic carpet. They sail into our homes and through them with the air currents, getting stuck here and there, and suddenly, without warning shooting off a bullet as if it were a mighty cannon. The bullet is an alpha particle; it is positively charged. Along its path it attracts negative charges, causing great disruptions in our body chemistry as it crisscrosses through our tissues. Each tunnel it digs in our organs could cut a chromosome in two, or dot its path with smaller gene mutations. The harm is easy to see through a microscope.

Polonium, uranium and radon give off similar alpha particles as they shoot their pathways through our bodies. Cut chromosomes are evidence of an alpha emitting radioactive element. After shooting off an alpha "ray", the element is lighter and has an entirely different nature. In this way uranium turns into thorium, thorium turns into radium, radium turns into radon, radon turns into polonium, and polonium turns into lead. But not ordinary lead. This lead is radioactive, shooting a "beta" particle, which is an electron and very tiny compared to an alpha particle. It is negatively charged and can travel long distances. This again leaves a new element behind. This kind of radioactive "decay" is going on around us and in us as we inhale radon gas along with the oxygen and nitrogen of the air. The whole "family" of radon’s "daughters" is called the radon decay series. Of course we inhale radon’s "daughters" too, if we are living in a "radon house", where a large amount comes up from the earth.

Many radioactive elements, including uranium itself, give off gamma radiation. This is similar to x-rays. These have no particles but the electromagnetic rays can travel long distances, right through most solids. All this radioactivity, alpha, beta, and gamma, makes up a "background" we can measure with a Geiger counter. A lot of damage is done, but our cells have ways of healing all kinds of radiation damage. Even damage to our genes, called mutation, is regularly healed using special enzymes called DNA repair enzymes. Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to move away from uranium rocks and certainly not build our homes underground or with a below-ground level.

Lanthanide Elements

Nor did we have any idea, ever, that we are wading in lanthanide elements. Notice the row of 14 elements in the chemical table, page 37. They all belong in one little square where lanthanum (Ln) is located to make 15. After WWII there was a determination to "put them to use", and "get them into commerce". The study of health effects lagged far behind the commerce, so gadolinium and others were injected into people to make scans more visible. When health effects did show up, it was too late. The FDA and EPA, in fact, all governments protect commerce. True protection for society can only come from the people themselves. Thulium, ytterbium and yttrium were put into reverse osmosis membranes. Cerium expanded its use in fire-lighters to plastics because it was so reactive. While putting them to "use" we did not realize that we already had been knee deep in them from birth because they, too, came up from the earth. They, too, combine so eagerly with phosphates that they are found in the same rocks as uranium. Only one of the 15 lanthanides is radioactive, promethium (Pm). The Syncrometer® shows that at all times our air is full of Pm, our bodies are full of Pm and we constantly sweat, eliminate and excrete it. Does it do harm or good? Most elements do some of each. We should study and understand what to expect from them if we live on top of uranium rocks. Which of the 15 are most abundant will depend on what is present below, and the weather. Rain and snow seals over, temporarily, the rising lanthanide mixture as well as radioactivity mixture. When the earth dries again, they both burst upward again.

Cold weather increases the flow upward; maybe new cracks develop to allow more travel.

Each radioactive element does its own kind of damage. Radon is inhaled and while it is in our bodies its family is produced, giving us radioactive lead, bismuth, and the others. Lead moves into our bones, as usual. Little is known about the attracting organs for the others. The polonium produced does not stay free because it quickly reacts and combines with other metals and our phosphates. We sweat and excrete all the radioactive elements all the time, but many linger in us because they attach themselves to our bacteria. Our Salmonellas, E. coli, and others routinely have polonium, promethium, cerium and terbium attached to them.

As our WBCs attack these bacteria they are confronted with the radioactivity on them. Almost immediately the WBCs’ vitamin C is consumed. The germanium and selenium are not depleted, but vitamin C is quickly depleted. Unless they get more vitamin C the WBCs, namely your entire immune system is stalled. It takes large amounts (grams, not milligrams) of vitamin C to keep radioactivity flowing out of the body. Laundry bleach and consequently the public water itself is treated with radioactivity inadvertently, through use of phosphate buffers and anti-scale treatments. We must increase our vitamin C consumption in rather large amounts. By constantly consuming our vitamin C and stalling our WBCs we are left with lowered immune power. The radioactivity in us is constantly producing mutations; those that emit alpha rays can cause whole chromosomes to break, called "aberrations", besides the smaller gene mutations.
Lanthanide damage is seen on a grand scale in their reactions with our energy supply…our phosphates, especially our ATP, ADP, and AMP. Older people and sick people have almost no free ATP or ADP or AMP to get the body’s work done. It is all attached to the lanthanides. Fatigue is felt. The lanthanides are so much more abundant than calcium that they crowd out the calcium, specifically. Problems with bone density, blood clotting, muscle action, that have been attributed to insufficient calcium, vitamin D, or sunshine are a toxicity effect of lanthanides according to the Syncrometer®. We must supplement these.

Terbium, especially, competes with our calcium. Different locations and different times and weather greatly affects our terbium intake and calcium levels. Terbium gives you tiny blood blisters and bruises by sticking to your thrombin*. Finding ways to keep terbium, cerium and other lanthanides at low levels in our homes would surely prevent a great deal of low-calcium caused disease and be helpful in recovering from cancer, as well as providing us with much more energy.

Bromine and fluorine are newcomers as toxins. Both belong to the group called halogens, along with chlorine and iodine. Bromine is added to our drinking water to help disinfect it. Fluorine is added to reduce tooth cavities. The possible harm done by the protection is far greater than the original problem.

The Syncrometer® finds that bromine and fluorine attract polonium! Instead of allowing it to pass through us as quickly as possible, it is accumulated in the spleen in large deposits. We now each have a reservoir of polonium in our spleens in the form of polonium-bromine and polonium-fluorosilicylate. These levels are especially high in the gold-related diseases (HIV, SV40, Prions, AIDS). We must find ways to reduce them. Find unbrominated and unfluoridated food and water.

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(From "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, pages 322-327; Copyright)

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