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altIf you haven't done so, read Syncrometer Basics.

The Syncrometer is based on principles of Bio-resonance. These principles do not correspond to those of official orthodox western medicine. Bio-resonance is a completely different method of investigation which cannot be directly compared to currently accepted medical/diagnostic tools and/or procedures. Measurements made by the Syncrometer have no relation to officially sanctioned medical/diagnostic tests and the Syncrometer provides no method of obtaining quantitative measurements of any substance contained in a tested sample. Only an approved and legally recognized laboratory may offer this information.


Please remember that the Syncrometer deals with energetic testing. This implies that the person doing the testing is also part of the test itself. As a tester you should only work in a relaxed and unprejudiced state of mind to keep your results as accurate as possible. In other words, be careful that your opinions aren’t so strong that you always get the answers you expect (instead of the correct answers), and make sure you have a thorough knowledge of your own problems before testing someone else. This will prevent your personal issues from interfering with your testing and keep your accuracy high.

As someone striving to accurately and successfully use the Syncrometer you should have at least a basic knowledge of what you are searching for while testing.


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Turn your Syncrometer ON.

Function control: Touch the tip of the probe to the right plate on the Syncrometer and press the pedal or some models have a small black button on top of the probe.

You will hear a cracking sound.

Now you can start testing. On the right plate place the substances you would like to test for: viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, heavy metals, etc. When testing a person or substance the pedal or in some models the small black button on top of the test probe is used to place the plate (and its contents) into the circuit.

You can also put an organ sample on the left plate of the Syncrometer to find out which organ in the body the substance being tested for (on the right plate) is located in.

Have the person being tested hold the black carbon handhold, or if you are testing a saliva sample hold the probe and black carbon handhold both in the right hand (left hand for left-handers)

The test sequence is as follows:

Place the probe against the fingertip using a constant pressure but DO NOT press the pedal or in some models the black button.

Remove the probe from contact with the fingertip for only a brief half a second.

Quickly press the probe again to the same spot on the fingertip using a constant pressure WHILE PRESSING THE PEDAL OR IN SOME MODELS THE BLACK BUTTON.

Continue pressing the pedal or button while listening to the sound being produced.

If the sound heard while the pedal or black button is being pressed is higher than the one prior (without the button being pressed), a resonance “match” has just occurred. This means that the substance being tested is in the body or in the specific organ of the tested person.

Be very careful to use the SAME AMOUNT OF PRESSURE while pressing on the fingertip with the probe. Differences in pressure will affect the sounds being produced.



The same instruction applies when testing a product

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